2 Short Bebop Jazz Guitar Lines [Breakdown]



Bebop jazz Lick/line No1

Bebop Jazz guitar Line

Notice the off-beat set up and triplet figure that pushes the line along. This is a typical bebop phrasing technique. These simple little rhythmic figures are very common but give good command to jazz bebop phrasing.

Bebop off-beat and triplet figure for good rhythmical jazz phrasing

Jazz bebop line/lick No2

Jazz guitar Bebop Line

Notice the 8th note and the two 16th notes that propel the line along for a great swinging feel.

Bebop Jazz line

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John Mclaughlin Guitar Scale Concept:

John Mclaughlin Guitar Scale/Concept for left hand fingering and right hand alternate picking

Notice that the scale concept consists of crossing the strings with the “SAME” fingering every time making it easy to remember and play.

John Mclaughlin Guitar Scale alternate picking

Notation and Tab:

Start on a “Down” stroke with the plectrum and alternate pick strictly “Down up Down up” etc.

Alternate Picking John Mclaughlin Guitar Scale Concept

This fingering for the fretting guitar hand is a repetitive pattern. It’s the same pattern crossing the strings with the same finger ascending and descending. It employs strict alternate picking with the plectrum. It is a concept that John Mclaughlin employs a lot in various forms. It is heard in it’s bare form a lot in the early “Shakti” recordings/live performances.

Although this is just a short lesson, there is wealth of information in that simple scale and fingering. It can easily be employed with fourths and chromaticism.

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John Mclaughlin “QUICK” Lick #1

Today we will take a look at a John Mclaughlin jazz fusion acoustic guitar lick in the style of the “Belo Herozonte” C.D/LP.

It consists of a “Pentatonic scale” and an “Arpeggio” fingering.

John Mclaughlin Quick Lick #1

alternate picking John Mclaughlin guitar lesson
“Belo Herozonte” John Mclaughlin style guitar lick #1

Notice the 2 finger Pentatonic ascending shape and the Arpeggio Descending shape

Shakti John Mclaughlin guitar lick lesson
“Pentatonic” 2 finger guitar shape and “Arpeggio” shape

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