How to Read Music.Part 1 Treble Clef Notes

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In this blog we will take a look at how to read the music lines and spaces of the treble clef.

In order to identify the notes on the 5 staff Lines we must first decide on an clef. In this case this will be the Treble Clef


Now we can look/identify the names of the notes on the 5 lines of the treble clef.

How to read Music/Learning to read music Notation

Next, we will look at the notes in the 4 spaces of the staff lines: F A C E

How to read Music/Learning to read music Notation

If we look at the notation below we will see the C major scale and the names of the different degrees of the scale in order.

How to read Music/Learning to read music Notation

We can now add thirds to the scale notes and notate the “Triads” of the C major scale

How to read Music/Learning to read music Notation

Although we will look at this in another video/blog we can clearly see the time signature. This is 4/4, meaning that there are 4 Quarter note beats to the bar.

How to Read Music/Learn to read music

One last thing to take into consideration is Key Signature. Again we will look at these in detail in the next video, but it is a good idea to be aware of them. They move in the cycle of 5ths. So a fifth up from C major is G major. This has an F# as the key signature. This means that every F note in the key is sharpened. Unless of course there is an natural sign.

Learn to read music/How to read music

So the key signature is for us to acknowledge that specific notes will be sharpened or flattened as we play our way through the music.

This is just the basics and beginnings for learning to notate, create and read the treble clef.

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