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Why did I write this little eBook on alternate Picking?

Many guitar players cause themselves injury by putting force on their shoulders, elbows and tendons of their fretting hand. Many guitarists just tremolo and try to hammer on quickly. This over time [and some cases even a short] time cause injury that takes a long time to heal. It shouldn’t be like this if the player is shown a] the dangers of learning it all wrong and b] having someone show them how to alternate pick properly.

As long as you come “UP” on the upstroke then you won’t get injury and you can play with ease and pluck the notes joyfully!

The technique is employed for its simplicity because you just alternate with the pick up and down or down and up being aware that you are skipping the guitars strings when crossing them.

 Alternate picking is given way too much credence in terms of difficulty. It is a simple rhythmic technique.

This method of playing really is an amazing way for the improviser who seeks syncopation and rhythmic fluidity in their playing.

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