MARKETING YOUR MUSIC:THE TRUTH! How to Succeed in the modern music business: The Secret!
Music Business Success Secret


For anyone lost in the Maze of despair and Bewilderment OF SUCCEEDING WITH MUSIC ONLINE!

The Story usually goes like this:

The hip online marketing music kid gave you some “Cool free tips”.

You, with gusto applied them and…..

Hey presto….Nothing!

Welcome to the real world of Internet Music Marketing!

Okay, stay with me because “The Secret” to all of this is actually quite simple and amazingly it is available to everyone!

But, to begin with you need to understand:

Generally there are five types of people who get successful on the internet, and here they are,

1] The naturally lucky person, the one out of a million who for some reason people just take a fancy to. This person seems to sail effortlessly in to every endevour and always comes out smelling of roses!

2] The Obsessive Entrepreneur Type that’s always investing in the next new strategy, chasing crazy gorilla marketing tactics and meditating on the mathematical averages from his/her obsessive analytics of algorhythms.

3] The Group of 3 who have a master craftsman in each department: The web designer, The content maker and the crafty marketeer. As a team they can penetrate the internet, because each person carries the load of their respective departments. This ensures consistency, hence, excellent results on a regular basic.

4] The Corporate Company/Band/Sport Star/Record Company, etc, with money to burn who are already globally established. They also pay for the best SEO and and have a ready made audience eager to pay.


5] The Persistent Bastard!……Yep, not a pleasant title but…This is Me! Persistent and proud, overdosing in blind faith. The obsessive who could’nt care a toffee or a fig about any of the above.


Because the “Persistent Bastard” is OBSESSIVE! and my dear musicain friends this is the whole secret for most of us!

This is the only way we can ensure our musical success online. This is our Ace in the hole!

So, why don’t most musicians see this?

Because most musicians get burn out and just give up.

metaphorically speaking:

It’s like a boxing match. You get in the ring and your opponent beats several tons of poo out of you. You go back to your corner and think to yourself, “I don’t need this, this is pointlesss”. Then your corner man says,”Have another go, you’ve got another 3 million rounds yet”.

And you think, “3 million rounds, okay, that’s actually quite a lot of rounds, in that case, let’s go another round, it’s not over yet”. After a while you get acclimatised to the roll with the punches and get in some crafty shots of your own. Your self reliance and confidence grows and it gets a lot less daunting and a lot less lonely.

To Reiterate:

You are learning How to cope and What to do and How it works as you go along.

I will bullet point the above:

1]How to cope

2] What to do

3] How it works

Remember the old days:

Once upon a time you would spend hours writing a business plan, present it to a Bank Manager or a Money Lender or a Rich Family Member. Finally, get it off the ground and in most cases find a bricks and mortar space to house and the run the business.

But, now that’s all changed. On the internet you really do have to learn it all as you go along, becasue the websites, social media sites, apps and everything just changes constantly. What works great for marketing one day is hopeless the next.

Nothing ever stays still. A very good example of this is with my wordpress website. One day it was plain sailing and the next it had changed to the Gutenberg Blocks. Now, you could say, well, go back and use the classic editor, but that is of no use because sooner or later the classic editor will be switched off for good. This means that in order for me to carry on being a prolific blogger and web page builder I needed to re-learn it NOW!

I will say it again: Nothing stays still on the internet.

It’s not the fittest that survive. It’s ones who can Adapt.

And to Adapt leads to PERSISTING or plain keep on going regardless!

But, where does this persistence really lead?

Well, Sooner or later something will Hit or as they say go Viral.

In my early days with my blog/website I had very little traffic…Until that is….

One day out of the blue I struck Pay dirt, Oil, Gold or whatever you want to call it. I started to get 1,250+ people a day. Now, to most bloggers that’s a small number, but for a single musician with a jazz/20 Century Classical/Modern Music Theory website that’s self contained that’s pretty good going.

And, believe me I tasted victory! Because I knew from that monent on that I can do it. I also realized how this whole thing works and why my peers failed.

Persistent content uploading=KEY!

The more content you upload the better you get at making it….and….. the Algorithms get to know who YOU are, and what YOU’RE all about!


The more you upload the better and quicker you get at making ”Sellable products” down the line!

Oh, and don’t forget your Evergreens….


I have written this post out of a sort of sadness and sincerity after seeing so many gifted musicians who would have succeeded [or at least tried] in the old days just cave in.

Your success is literally in your own hands. All you need to do is keep posting great content and keep doing it . You will find avenues galore as you keep going. It is in the keeping going that you find new ways of promoting your material and getting fans and buyers to your website, youtube channel, online store and social links etc.


The power is in your hands dear musicians. Don’t listen to to the negatives. Put out your content consistently and go! Over time you will build and grow as your content/channel/website etc grows. Just do it and keep going, sooner or later it will start to give back! Good Luck!

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