Locrian V Dom for Substitution Jazz Fusion Improv/Reharmonisation

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The Locrian mode is the 7th mode of the major scale. In the following examples it will be D Locrian built from the 7th degree [leading note] of the Eb Major Scale.

D Locrian 7th Mode of Eb Major
Locrian v Dom Substitution reharmonisation

If we look at the diagram above and below we will see the Sub-Dominant chord of Eb Major [Ab Major] played over the 7th degree note[ D ] as the bass note or more commonly seen as a slash chord Ab/D resolving to the new key [or implied key] G Major.

Locrian v Dom Substitution Improv Chord

In the example below you will see that all of the notes of Ab Major resolve in semitones to the new [or implied] tonic G major. Although we employ the Locrian Mode this also gives a very Phrygian flavour because of the semitone resolution. Also the bass D can also be used in both chords with Ab/D to D in the bass of G for a second inversion chord.

Locrian v Dom Substitution RESOLVES to Tonic in Semitones

The Locrian Mode 2 Octaves

D Locrian mode 2 octaves

The Locrian Mode can be broken up. This approach creates better fingering, fluency and a less cliched sound.

Breaking up the Locrian Mode [D Locrian]

In this example there is an up beat added to create a more colourful character to the line. This up beat is built using a chromatic set up from target tones.

Adding Target Tones-Breaking up the Locrian Mode [D Locrian]

Below is an example employing target tones and arpeggios that weave through the harmonic texture of the Locrian V harmony.

Target Tones/Arpeggios through Locrian V Substitution

Next we have an Fm arpeggio [Chord ii of Eb] a Bb arpeggio and a couple of chromatic notes.

Fm9 Arpeggio idea [Locrian V]

This time we have our old friends target tones to add colour and rhythmic forward momentum to the Fm9 arpeggio line

Approach notes to Fm9 Arpeggio idea [Locrian V]

In this next example we employ superimposition for a chromatic triadic approach, that again weaves through the Locrian V chord.

Locrian V Triad Ideas

In this last example we exploit G Minor [chord iii of Eb ]

Locrian V Triad Ideas

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