Mastering Coltrane Changes in all 12 keys

If you look at the diagram below you will see the reharmonisation of the basic 2 5 1 cadence resulting in the “Coltrane changes”.


We will now take the first 4 bars of John Coltrane’s Composition “Countdown” and play it in all 12 keys moving in 4ths. Below are two examples of what to play using 4 note groupings [Tetrachords}

Coltrane’s countdown first 4 bars idea starting with D minor 7th

Coltrane countdown guitar changes

Coltranes’s Countdown up a 4th starting with G minor 7th

Mastering Coltrane countdown chord changes

Coltrane’s “Countdown” changes chart

Play through all 12 keys for fluid jazz improvisation development in the John Coltrane style.

Countdown coltrane changes jazz improvisation sheet

Mastering Coltrane changes chord chart

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