Welcome to Jazz Improviser!

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Hi and Welcome!

This is a website dedicated to Jazz/Fusion guitar improvisation. Moving from be bop to modern modal jazz to altered scale choices and 20c Classical and world music.

We take the music theory and make it “Applied” to the guitar fingerboard through asserting  the correct fingering and technique. We look at the styles of John Mclaughlin and Al Di Meola and other fusion pioneers. We employ alternate picking guitar technique for precise rhythmic jazz time as well as latin and other syncopated rhythms.

We also look at the great improvisers ranging from John Coltrane to Michael Brecker. We break down the line, the harmony and harmonic implications into bitesize pieces, making the “Un-Guitaristic” improvisation techniques become “Guitaristic” and musical.

Despite being written from a guitarists perspective this website is for ALL musicians and will enhance any instrumentalists ability and curiosity in regards to modern improvisation.

We use the Music/Tab to find the best fingering “Connections” to give the flow to the improvised jazz fusion guitar line. At the end of the day this is all about finding and developing rhythmic fluency through correct left hand fingering and right hand alternate picking guitar technique.

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