Melodic Minor Modes Transpsosed. With C as parent key.

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C Melodic Minor “Ascending”. Note: 1st half of the scale is minor whilst the second half is major.

C melodic “Jazz” Minor

The C melodic Minor 2nd Mode transposed with C as the parent key root note. We now have “Dorian b2” this being the same as Bb melodic minor but starting on the parent key root note of C.

The 3rd Mode: Starting from the parent key root note of C this becomes C Lydian Augmented. We have the F# for the Lydian and the G# that augments/raises up the 5th note. This is also A Melodic Minor.

F# for Lydian and G# for augmented

The 4th mode. We have the F# making Lydian and the Bb as the flattened 7th. [Starting on G this will make the G Melodic Minor Scale].

The 5th Mode. Notice the Ab note creating the flattened 6th. Also we have the flattened 7th with the Bb note for the Mixolydian. This mode is also the same as the F Melodic Minor scale.

The 6th Mode. This mode has a raised 2nd with the D natural note. This is also the same as the Eb Melodic Minor Scale.

The 7th Mode. Notice that the F note is flattened [or E natural]. This is the same as Db Melodic Minor Scale.