SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META “Lydian” and Multi Octave Extended Scales

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To begin with we will join together two different scales.

In this example we have the Lydian Dominant scale joined at the octave by the same tonic note [C]. This is joined together with the Enigmatic scale.

Multi Octave Scale Lydian Dominant/Enigmatic

As you play through this multi scale you will notice the smooth transition between the two different scales into one extended multi octave scale.

Extended Scales Multi Octave Scales

Below is a two octave version of the Lydian dominant and Enigmatic scale [Multi octave scale] with Guitar Tablature.

Lydian Dominat/Enigmatic Multi Octave extended scale

Here are 3 Lick Lines made from the extended Lydian Dom/Enigmatic scale

Scale Lick 1 [Superimposition]

Lydian Dom/Enigmatic Multi Octave Scale Lick

Scale Lick 2: Chord to Scale

Multi Octave Scales Lick

Scale Lick 3: Superimposition

Superimposition Multi Octave Extended Scales Lydian Dom/ Enigmatic

SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META “Lydian” Jacob Collier idea for a never ending scale. Each Lydian Tetrachord Resolves into the next one. This in turn seems to go on forever as it goes around the cycle of 5ths.

SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META “Lydian” Jacob Collier Cycle of 5ths
SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META “Lydian” Jacob Collier Cycle of 5ths

Also: Notice that unlike the first extended scale this one doesn’t have a common tone at the octave. So we go from C to C# to D# etc

Multi Octave Scale Different Tonic notes at the Octave

SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META Jacob Collier idea for Guitar with Tablature

SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META Jacob Collier idea for Guitar

Here is a long piano version of the above that keeps ascending

Lydian SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META Jacob Collier never ending scale
SUPER-ULTRA-HYPER-MEGA-META “Lydian” Jacob Collier Cycle of 5ths

This scale concept could also be looked at as being Mixolydian and a Modulating Scale.

We have A7-D E7-A B7-E F#7-B C#7-F# etc.

V-1 V-1 V-1 V-1 ETC


Lennie Tristano’s Augmented 15th Arpeggio

Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 17.19.59

Above is the “Classic’ Lennie Tristano superimposed #15 arpeggio for C Major7. The #15 sounds “Correct” because all of the 5ths in the arpeggio are PERFECT 5THS.

Lennie Tristano Cmaj7.Dmaj arpeggios. #11 #15th diagram lesson


23rd chord extension


If we keep stacking 3rds with superimposition and extension we create “Tertian” harmony. So, above a 15th we have a 17th, above that a 19th, above that a 21st and above that a 23rd. Hence a 23rd chord will use all 12 notes.

Below is a 23rd chord with a Major leaning

major 23rd chord example for music jazz improvisation

This example provides a 23rd chord with a minor leaning

minor 23rd chord jazz improvisation lesson tertian harmony

Here we have a 23rd chord with an augmented leaning

AUGMENTED 23RD CHORD jazz improvisation lesson

Lastly we have a 23rd chord with a diminished  leaning

DIMINISHED 23RD CHORD for jazz improvisation lesson and diagram

Going back to our old friend George Russell and the Lydian Chromatic Concept we become aware of the shifting of tonal gravity and what is available with a 23rd chord that shifts out and how we can manipulate it to create new ideas and avoid cliches. Also going back to our 1st example of Lennie Tritano’s #15th arpeggio we hear how we can exploit the perfect 5ths to make something not right “Sound” right but fresh and new.

Lydian Chromatic Concept LCC

How to create music and improvisation with the 23rd chord

Below is a great example of my personal favourite 23rd chord creating a lovely Tertian Stack. TERTIAN STACK 23rd chord for jazz improvisation lesson and example

This example also reverts back to our 12 tone blog for improvisation and jazz heads/tunes. There are 3 sets of TETRACHORDS. Or 3 sets of 4 note groupings.

23rd chord tetrachords example for jazz improvisation

Next we can take the same 23rd chord pitches and make Hexatonic or 2 groups of 6 from the 23rd chord tertian superimposition.

23rd chord hexatonics for jazz improvisation

Finally we can make 3 note cells to form a 12 tone line from the same tertian 23rd chord extension.

23rd chord 3 note cells 12 tone lesson example for jazz improvisation

23rd chord Improvised line ideas:

Employing 23rd chord outlines in Major, minor, diminished augmented.

Line 1

23rd chord improvised jazz line example lesson

Line 2

jazz fusion 23rd chord improvised line and music theory lesson

Line 3

triplets 23rd chord improvised jazz line and jazz lesson

Line 4

23rd chord improvised line for jazz improvisation lesson

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