Modern Jazz Fusion Chords

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Below is an alteration of a basic 1 6 2 5 1 chord sequence. The altered chords add a modern jazz fusion flavour with triadic originality.

There are many variations but here are a few really good ideas if you are seeking originality in your composing and improvisations when dealing with the same old patterns.


Next we have a 1 5 2 5 1. Again these are concepts available as variations to create a modern jazz fusion flavour to your sound. These are simply voiced for the guitar but you can re voice them to a much fuller extent at the piano. 2

In this example we have a set of chords reminiscent of John Schofields compositional leanings, Especially the 1st inversion add 9.


Here we have a “Chord Scale’ of the C DORIAN MODE. Notice the quartal approach.

dorian C