Guitar Chordal Picking

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All is explained in this video. First I do a performance of “Mazeppa” and then I break it down into the 2 chordal picking patterns.

Chordal Picking Pattern 1: With the guitar plectrum pick “Down Down Up”

mazeppa 1

Chordal Picking Pattern 2:

With the guitar plectrum pick “Down Down Down Up Up”. You will notice that the notes in red revert back to the 1st picking pattern of “Down Down Up”. Also, notice the use of open strings when chordal picking to bring out the guitars natural overtones and resonance.

mazeppa 2

basic 3/4  pattern: down down down up up up


4 bar sequence of basic 3/4 chordal picking pattern

Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 09.57.44

with the addition of a triplet pattern going “down down up”


chordal picking with melody notes in the treble [1st string]


3/4 chordal picking riff