Getting “Monetized” on Youtube FOR MUSICIANS! [Youtube Partner Programme]


Getting “Monetized” on Youtube FOR MUSICIANS! [Youtube Partner Programme]

Please watch video above for detailed info:

Hi Guys,

A question a lot of people ask me is this:

How does a musician get any Success and Monetized on YouTube?


In the video above I go into this in detail. But here is a quick rundown.

YOUTUBE Partner Programme:

To join the YTPP you need the following:

4000 Hours!!!


That’s a lot of days and time???

You also need 1000 Subscribers


OR 10 million shorts views in 90 days:


Okay, now all of this might sound a bit daunting, or is it even possible?

But, the key is HOW you go about it,


1] Do what your passionate about

2] Be honest, sincere, don’t just do stuff for views

3] Your passion will get the content created and inspire your belief in what you are doing

4] Your sincerity will get you a loyal following

For most youtube musicians

The most convenient way to build your “Youtube watch time” hours is to,


Streaming means that you can upload long form content that won’t need to be edited:

You can also do “Reaction videos” this way: The software like OBS is free.


Again, stream on a subject you are passion about like your favourite album, or artist, chord sequence, songwriting technique, film sample libraries, improvisation, guitar techniques etc.

Keep it simple to one subject/idea and let it roll


Streaming cuts down work time massively. If a video takes 5 hours to complete before upload then a stream can be 1/2 an hour to one hour and requires zero editing.….[Also, more enjoyable as you are interacting with your audience and not sweating over minute details of video editing].


Whilst doing this aim to get 1000 subscribers in one year. This may be easily done or you may just get somewhere near it but you need to be focused on achieving the number because in the beginnings of youtube everything adds to everything else and so you need to be laser focused as it all builds up.

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As well as streaming, make long form videos of around 10 mins plus a time.

From the long form video’s make a “Shorts” video or a few shorts videos from it.


Long Form = Hours [and loyal subscribers]

What Musicians Miss!!!

For the most part Subscribers and watch time come from the world outside of Youtube


Start a free blog, and add your video with a short paragraph talking about it and add some keywords to get onto the Google search engine.


People who know nothing of your youtube channel but are searching for your subject will see you on google and some will click to your video and some will subscribe.

Next, add your videos to all the specialist websites in your genre/subject matter and all of the main social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc.


If you have some releasable content then it is a good idea to upload it to a distribution platform like C.D. Baby.

From here you get your music on Spotify, Apple music, Amazon music etc.

You can then get a Youtube Topic page. You can then integrate it all into a youtube artists channel:

This gives your Brand a Google presence and you can link all of this together with your blog, youtube, spotify etc.


These are just some of the building blocks, and a perspective with which to see how it all joins together. As you go along you will find many other ways to achieve success on youtube and the internet in general. Good Luck!


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