Sweep picking Guitar Lesson

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In this lesson we are going to look at sweep picking and variations on Frank Gambale’s sweep picking guitar technique/method.

The key to “Rhythmic Phrases” and smooth sweep picking is to practice a rhythmic line, sweep arpeggio and then rhythmic line again. This is essential for flowing improvisational lines. Otherwise sweep picking can become , blip, blip,blip. Which will sound very un-rhythmical.

I only employ simple sweep picking patterns so that I can make rapid flowing musical phrases when I am improvising.

Simple basic sweep arpeggio Pattern.

sa Am 1st

Extended simple sweep picking arpeggio pattern

Am ext

Below is how I set up the sweep picking with rapid alternate picking guitar technique so that the improvised jazz/fusion line flows as a “Rhythmical phrase” as opposed to ,blip.blip,blip.


sa f sharp 11

Lastly, is an extension of a full sweep arpeggio and how easy it is to connect different shapes/arpeggios [superimpositions] together.