In this lesson we are going to look at sweep picking and variations on Frank Gambale’s sweep picking guitar technique/method. I also employ alternate picking guitar technique with this method for smoothness when improvising.

The key to “Rhythmic Phrases” and smooth sweep picking is to practice a rhythmic line, sweep arpeggio and then rhythmic line again. This is essential for flowing improvisational lines. Otherwise sweep picking can become , blip, blip,blip. Which will sound very un-rhythmical and un-musical.

I only employ simple sweep picking patterns so that I can make rapid flowing musical phrases when I am improvising.

Simple basic sweep arpeggio Pattern.

sa Am 1st

Extended simple sweep picking arpeggio pattern

Am ext

Below is how I set up the sweep picking with rapid alternate picking guitar technique so that the improvised jazz/fusion line flows as a “Rhythmical phrase” as opposed to ,blip.blip,blip.


sa f sharp 11

Lastly, is an extension of a full sweep arpeggio and how easy it is to connect different shapes/arpeggios [superimpositions] together.



  1. Hi..I watched some of your videos and I think the information you provide is what I had been looking for for years and I never found ..I am a begginner ..But Would you recomend me where to start with your lessons or what is your first lesson to start with. Thank you

    1. Hi Rinaldo,
      Thanks for your comment.

      My latest blog I published today is a really good lesson to start with because it uses alternate picking and “Altered” dominant harmony which uses scales, arpeggios and pentatonics.

      It might seem a bit advanced if you a re a beginner but the key is to learn each grouping of 4 notes and then join them all together and play the whole line/phrase.

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