“Taal” Mclaughlin Guitar Indian Raga Shakti Lesson

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This “Teen Taal” 16 beat John Mclaughlin guitar tune employs alternate picking. This is a shakti guitar concept. This tune is based around the idea of a 16 beat cycle for guitar and Tabla, Shruti, Tanpura etc.

Below is the music notation and tablature lasting 4 bars. This makes a 16 beat cycle. From this we can make an Indian Raga tune nicely on our guitars!

Teen Taal Mclaughlin tabla; guitar 16 beat cycle lesson
16 Beat Cycle


keep the alternate picking rhythmical and count in groups of four 16th notes “1 e and a” [“Tetrachords”]. Or use the  Konokol rhythm system counting “Ta Ka Di Me”. Try to accent the first beat of each 4 note grouping as you alternate pick with the guitar plectrum.

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