Why Do I Do Alternate Picking?

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How I write atonal music at the piano

How I compose atonal music at the piano

In the video above I look at how I write 20th century classical atonal music at the piano. Although this video touches on the basics it does point out the essential compositional elements and emotional make up needed for successful atonal compositions. Regardless of the atonal style which could be, 12 tone serial music, Messiaen modes or Boulez atonality, for the composer/writer the building blocks and perception remain the same.



McCoy Tyner Jazz Piano Lick For Guitar

This lick requires a bit of patience because the fingering is quite finickety due to the un- guitarist nature of the quartal set up, pentatonics and the nature of the intervals and their positioning on the guitar fingerboard.

McCoy Tyner Piano Lick employing alternate guitar picking for rhythmic fluency.

McCoy Tyner Piano Lick for Guitar

Chords for the lick: 1st Part.

McCoy Tyner 4ths triads for guitar

Guitar Chord Shape for 1st part

Chords for the lick: 2nd Part.

McCoy Tyner triadic 4ths chording for guitar

Chord Shape for 2nd Part.

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