How to: Alternate picking Basics for newbies, beginners, starter guitarists!



Please watch the video below for the full demonstration of how to employ the basics and true mechanics of the strict “Alternate Picking” right hand guitar technique.

Open string exercise. Pluck “Down up” repetitively alternating strictly with the guitar pick. The plucking comes from the wrist. Also, do this exercise the other way with, “Up Down” alternating with the guitar plectrum. This is the basis of strict alternate picking right hand guitar technique.

alternate picking how to basics lesson

1 string alternate picking “Even” guitar Pattern/grouping of notes. ‘Down Up” etc

Alternate Picking “Even” grouping exercise [1 String]

With “Odd” groupings of notes notice that every time you pluck the pattern again you will be starting on a different picking stroke than you started with previously. So, “Down up down” will then become “Up down up”.

“Odd” Alternate Picking guitar pattern [1String]

Exercise: “Odd” grouping crossing 2 strings on the guitar. Again, notice the reversal of the pattern

Crossing 2 guitar string alternate picking “Odd” grouping

3 notes per string “Odd” pattern crossing all 6 guitar strings alternate picking strictly starting on a down stroke with the guitar pick. [Ascending and Descending].

Alternate Picking “Odd” grouping across 6 strings

“Even” grouping: Crossing all 6 strings ascending and descending employing strict alternate picking right hand guitar technique.

“Even” alternate picking guitar technique exercise

Final exercise: “Odd” pattern/grouping repeated.

IMPORTANT: This now becomes an “Even” pattern because it has been “Doubled”.

3 = odd But 2×3=6 which is now Even.

Meaning, that the two “Odd” patterns form one “Even” pattern which means that every time you cross the strings you will be “Repeating” the same strokes and not starting on a different one.

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