Messiaen’s 5th Mode. Mode 5 [Non Transposed] Lesson

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Messiaen’s 5th Mode [of limited transposition] is well known for it’s semitones, two major 3rds and it’s tritone possibilities.

Messiaen Mode 5 [5th mode 6 transpositions]

Messiaen’s 5th mode [Non Transposed]

Messiaen Mode 5 [5th mode of limited transposition]

Messiaen’s 5th Mode Extended

Messiaen’s 5th mode extended

Making Scalic runs: Messiaen mode 5:


Descending Messiaen Mode 5


Messiaen 5th mode Ascending

The next concept is to mirror the intervals and create an atonal sounding contrapuntal study. This is a great compositional device.

Messiaen 5th Mode Contrapuntal Etude “Mirroring” concept

Cross Picking/ Chordal Picking: Notice the use of Tritones.

Picking pattern = “Down Down Up”

Messiaen 5th mode Cross Picking

Cross Picking/ Chordal Picking: With an open G string.

Messiaen 5th mode Cross Picking/ Chordal Picking:

Messiaen 5th Mode: Scale to chord Imitation device.

Messiaen 5th Mode: Scale to Chord Imitation Compositional device.

Messiaen 5th mode: 3 octave scale imitation descending line

5th mode Messiaen Descending Run [Immitation]

Cross Picking part 2: Using 4 note tritone chords.

Picking pattern =”Down Down Down Up” Cross

Messiaen Mode 5 D D D U Cross Picking Tritone guitar
Messiaen Mode 5 Cross Picking Guitar Tritones

Notice the two open strings :

Open Strings Messiaen chords Mode 5 Guitar

Messiaen Mode 5 Cross Picking Guitar Tritones Open Strings

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