Dorian Flat 2 Mode “Improvisation” Techniques

Dorian b2 Mode of the Melodic Minor Scale

Dorian b2 Mode

C Dorian b2 Mode

Two octaves; Tab and Notation

To Begin with let’s look at the arpeggios of the Dorian b2 mode. Notice the Two Major arpeggios.

Dorian b2 Mode Arpeggios

They are E flat Major and F Major

We can immediately make Triad Pairs from them

Dorian b2 Triad Pairs

Going the opposite way

Dorian b2 triad pairs

We can Sharpen the 5th and create a more exotic and colourful sound

Dorian b2 triad pairs

We can add Gm7b5 and Am7b5 to the Major or F aug arpeggio

Dorian b2 Triad/Arpeggios

We can employ the B flat minor 9 major 7th arpeggio

Dorian b2 Melodic Minor

Here we can add it to the F major arpeggio

Dorian b2 Melodic Minor

It is an even better idea to start the B flat minor 9 major 7th arpeggio on the tonic note of C

Dorian b2 Mode melodic minor

Here we will extend the Am7b5 part of the line

Am7b5 for Dorian b2 Mode

We can also make scales from the mode. Below is an example of creating a scale and then adding harmonic content with wider intervals like triads.

Making scales form Dorian b2 Mode

Making our own pentatonic scales from the mode works really well also.

Pentatonic from Dorian b2 Mode

Here is a short sus4 and aug Lick

Dorian b2 Mode lick

Another short lick

These are the basic chords of the Dorian b2 mode

Dorian b2 Mode Chords

Of course we can change the chords to make them more exotic and colourful

Dorian b2 mode chord variations

We also have the typical jazz fusion chords contained within the Dorian flat 2 mode of the melodic minor scale

Dorian b2 Chordal ideas

Below we create a very exotic colourful “‘al la” John Mclaughlin sound!

Dorian b2 mode chordal idea

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