Glarry GTL Semi Hollow Guitar Review/Demo. How it sounds, quality of build!

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Glarry GTL Semi Hollow Guitar Review/Demo How it sounds, Quality of build

The “Glarry GTL Semi Hollow” guitar is a budget guitar aimed at beginners. It is also good for anyone interested in guitar “Modding” [Modifying]. It can be a hit or miss affair though as the Glarry shop is an online retailers and hence the guitars can’t be tried out as in a physical shop.

That being said, I actually had lots of fun playing my Glarry guitar. The action was low and great to play, although, I did have two strings the 1st and the 5th that had fret buzz.

After I had heightened the action slightly [On these two strings] the guitar played pretty well. The pickups are not the best but they seem to work well. The machine heads are basic but work. The body is really nice though and made of a very light bass wood that has been hollowed out with an “F Hole”‘

Glarry, GTL, Semi ,Hollow ,Guitar, Review, Demo, how, it, sounds, quality, of, build,
Glarry GTL Semi Hollow Guitar Review/Demo How it sounds, Quality of build

The neck is made of maple but completely unvarnished. This creates a satin like feel [But will get dirty over time]. There was also a blemish on the neck joint. The fingerboard was really nice and flat with 22 frets laid in very well with no noticeable sharp bits protruding out.

Glarry, GTL, Semi ,Hollow ,Guitar, Review, Demo,  how, it, sounds, quality, of, build,
Glarry GTL Semi Hollow Guitar Review/Demo How it sounds, Quality of build

There is a return policy as listed below.

Most products on Glarry are returnable as long as you return all original packaging, paperwork and parts in new and unused condition.
You can return them for free only when there is manufacturing defects or Glarry’s mistakes.
If you need to return the item, please contact Customer service ask for returned address or a prepaid return shipping label(RL). Please note there is a time limit: in 30 days since you receive the product.
Email:       [email protected]

Address:   Shipping Dept. 200 Docks Corner Road, Suite 221 Dayton, NJ 08810

Return Procedure

1. Contact the customer service supporter of Glarry, explaining why you want to return the products.( Provide us with related videos or photos if you think it is an unsatisfactory product.)
2. Our customer service supporter will send RL to your email.
3. Print the RL out and send back the original package within 30 days. Otherwise the RL will become invalid.
4. Glarry would process the refund in 2 days. It may take 5-7 business days for you to receive the refund from the bank.

When we will process the refund

1. We would refund you in 2 days if the products haven’t been shipped out; if the products are already on the transportation, we won’t begin to refund until we receive and examine the returned products.

2. All refunds will be returned to the same credit card which is used to pay the order or the Paypal account.

How much we will refund

1. We will fully refund when there is quality problem or mistakes caused by us such as ship the wrong product,damage, etc. 
2. We will only return 80% if you return it for personal reasons such as you chose the wrong prouct, you don’t need the product any more, you find the case is not suitable for your guitar etc.
3.The order can be cancelled for free if it hasn’t been shipped.

Below situations will charge shipping fee for returning and resending:
1. You cancel the order when the package has been shipped.
2. You refuse to receive the package when it arrives other than the reason that the package is seriously damaged during shipment.

Warranty Policies

1. Most of our products’ insurances are undertaken by our manufacturers in case there should be defects in materials or workmanship. So the longevity of warranty period varies among different products.

2. In 180 days when you receive the product, the manufacturer is responsible for its insurance. During this period, the manufacturer’s warranty policies and procedures take effect.

3. If you find the product has manufacturing defects, feel free to contact us. We will assist you to claim compensation from the manufacturer.

SKU: G17000356


Buying a guitar especially a beginners guitar at a bargain price online is always going to be a hit or miss affair. My review is for the guitar that I received which [Apart from a cosmetic detail and 2 strings buzzing] was a pretty good guitar.

The important thing is to read the returns policy thoroughly before buying. That way you should be okay if the guitar arrives with any serious defaults.



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