Chordal Picking Arpeggios Guitar Lesson

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In this Lesson we will look at Arpeggio “Chordal Picking” patterns as used in compositions like “Orient Blue”.

This style picks the notes of a chord by employing specific picking patterns to bring out the resonant arpeggios.

basic 3/4  pattern: “down down down up up up”

Al di meola basic chordal right hand picking pattern

4 bar sequence of basic 3/4 chordal picking pattern

Al di meola 3/4 right hand chordal picking pattern lesson basic

with the addition of a triplet pattern going “down down up”

Al di meola 8ths to triplet chordal picking right hand guitar patterns lesson

chordal picking with melody notes in the treble [1st string]

Al di Meola chordal picking guitar technique lesson

3/4 chordal picking riff

Al di Meola chordal picking guitar patterns lesson right hand guitar technique