Altered Scale Jazz Fusion Guitar/piano unison lick/Line

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In this riff/line I employ alternate Picking but I start with an upstroke for the first phrase. After that I start the remaining phrases on a down stroke.

Jazz/Fusion altered scale chromatic guitar/piano unison riff

Although this line is D altered in terms of scalic concept it could also be thought of as shifting between D minor, D Dorian and Eb Melodic Minor.

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Altered Scale Jazz Fusion Guitar Concepts [John Mclaughlin lick]

Video Lesson/Performance of lick:

Music/Tab. The chord sequence is Dm7b5 G7″Altered” resolving to C major 7th

John Mclaughlin Jazz fusion altered scale guitar lick

The key to joining all of this together fluently is to break each four note grouping into tetrachords, learning a group at a time.

Tetrachords: Breaking the improvised line down into easy to learn chunks

VARIATION With an A flat Pentatonic shape replacing A flat minor/Major Arpeggio for the flat 5 substitution.

John Mclaughlin Jazz fusion altered scale guitar lick “Variation”.

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