Alternate Picking with cycle 4ths chords guitar lesson

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Today we look at employing alternate picking with chords on the guitar.

The alternate picking group of 4 semiquavers [16ths] notes start with an upstroke. “Up Down Up Down”. This little lick/motif joins the two chords together and creates a compositional movement.

alternate picking guitar chords scale 4ths cycle

Here is the descending music notation and tab. [Chords and alternate picking]

alternate picking guitar chords scale descending

Here is the ascending music notation and tab.

ascending alternate picking guitar chords scale

Descending cycle of 4ths chord sequence [for alternate picking scales with chords].


Ascending cycle of 4ths chord sequence [for alternate picking scales with chords].

Cycle of 4ths alternate picking guitar sequence

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Jazz/fusion improvisation Altered scale Theory Lesson

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Today we will look at a John Mclaughlin alternate picking Jazz/Fusion improvisation cadence employing the altered dominant chord! Please watch the video below and then try it out yourself.

As you will see this cadence employs the Altered scale. It is a 2 [minor 7 flat 5] going to 5 [ “Altered Dominant”] 1 [major 7th]. This being Dm7 flat 5  G7 altered resolving to C major7.

I also employ a flat 5 substitution on the Dm7 flat 5. All of this resolves though and slips nicely into the altered dominant 5 chord. I also use pentatonics within the altered scale for rhythmic flow. Please look at the TAB/MUSIC below and play through it yourself to see and feel how it all “Naturally” unfolds. I employ alternate picking the same as John Mclaughlin.

John Mclaughlin alternate picking altered scale line Music/Tab

John Mclaughlin Alternate picking Altered scale jazz improviser line

VARIATION With an A flat Pentatonic shape replacing A flat minor/Major Arpeggio for the flat 5 substitution.


Altered scale jazz improvisation, jazz improviser lesson

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