Alternate Picking beginners Scale exercise lesson

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This simple alternate picking exercise employs a C major scale starting with the note G on the sixth string of the guitar that ascends to the C note on the 1st string of the guitar. This scale then descends back to the G note on the 6th guitar string.

You can think of this scale as G mixolydian or C major starting on the note of G. But, in this lesson it is just a convenient way to cross all 6 strings of the guitar to gain fluency.

Alternate picking beginners newbies Scale exercise lesson

Another useful way to create forward movement is to accent the 5th note of each 6 note [or 2 triplets] groupings.

Alternate picking beginners guitarScale exercise lesson

Lastly, we can double the scale and create a longer line.

Alternate picking beginners guitar Scale exercise lesson

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