Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style Lesson How to?



Matteo Mancuso’s guitar style is a mixture of Classical and the Jazz style of Wes Montgomery. I would look at it as more of a mixture of Flamenco “Picado” and a Bass 2 finger plucking concept though.

The main reason that guitar players may find this brilliant way of playing the guitar a bit confusing is that when it comes to “Jazz” or Improvisation you will need to be aware of “Odd and Even” patterns due to the “Chromaticism” inherent in the jazz line.

Fingerstyle Consideration 1:

Notice that every time you cross the strings playing in groups of 3 notes you will cross with a different finger in the right plucking hand. This is because you are dealing with an ODD Pattern. So the pattern in the plucking hand will be: 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 etc.

Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style lesson “Odd” Groupings

With “Even groupings” of 4 notes you will cross with the same finger in the right plucking hand every time.

Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style Lesson

A good example is to think of it this way when beginning. Groupings of 3 as your Triplets

Groupings of 4 as your Jazz time or Double timed line.

Mixing up the rhythmic groupings: Notice the group of 3 [Triplets] and Group of 4 [8th notes]

The next step is to use “Target Tones” [or Enclosure/Approach notes]. Notice that the first set starts “ON” the beat, employing even 4 note grouping.

Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style Lesson

The next concept is to employ “Target Tones” “OFF”- the beat.

Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style”Target Tones”

You may also find “Even” note chromaticism mixed with Arpeggios.

Matteo Mancuso guitar arpeggio/chromatics Style Lesson

Lastly: a simple 1 string exercise demonstrating how to manipulate scales with the two plucking fingers from the right hand.

Matteo Mancuso Guitar Style Lesson Triplets

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