Robert Fripp [of Guitar Craft] guitar style angular idioms/primaries

Angular and Atonal guitar lines from primary exercises in the style of guitar craft maestro Robert Fripp.

Exercise 1: Example of alternate picking starting on the “Up” stroke [Odd patterns]

Robert Fripp [Guitar Craft] style angular phrase

Primary Exercises: For starting on the “Up” stroke for angular atonal guitar lines. [Compositional and Improvisational”]

Fripp “Upstroke” primary exercise 1

Primary Exercise 2

Fripp”Upstroke” primary 2

Primary Exercise 3

Fripp Primary exercise 3

Primary Exercise 4

Fripp primary exercise 4

Primary exercise 5

Fripp Primary exercise 5

Robert Fripp Long line/Extension

Robert Fripp Primary Exercises Application line

Fripp/Andy Summers chordal alternate picking example starting on a down stroke

Fripp/Summers Chordal picking example/exercise

Intervals: Tri-tone and Augmented 8th note movments

Tri Tone/Augmented Fripp 8th note applicationsThanks for

Starting on the “Down” Stroke alternate picking “Variation” of the first exercise

Fripp starting on the “Down” stroke alternate picking

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