Enclosure/Target tones/Approach notes/Encircling and How to use them #2

Exercise 1: “Off beat” enclosure starting on the 5th string of the guitar creating chromatics for a fluid jazz improvised line.

enclosure /target tones set up off the beat for jazz improvisation
Jazz Chromatic improvised line

Notice: After the first “Off beat” enclosure there are two more set-ups for enclosure starting “On” the beat. Both starting on the 3rd beat.

Enclosure target tones jazz lesson
“Off” Beat and “On” Beat Enclosure to set-up chromatics for the improvised jazz line

Off beat set-up

Off the beat Enclosure Target tones
“Off” Beat Enclosure [Anacrusis] set-up

Set-up “On” the Beat

On beat Enclosure
“On” the beat Enclosure set-up for chromatic jazz improvisation

Enclosure jazz improvisation how to use it

Variation: Starting the Enclosure/Target tones from the 6th string of the guitar.

Target Tones jazz improvisation
Enclosure/Target tones from the 6th string of the guitar

As before we start with an “Off-beat” and then employ two more sets of enclosure “On” the beat. Both starting on the 1st beat of the bar.

Target tone and jazz improvisation how to
“Off” beat and “On” beat Enclosure

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