John Mclaughlin Guitar Jazz/Fusion Lick/Lesson

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John Mclaughlin Alternate Picking Jazz/Fusion Guitar Lick/Lesson

This John Mclaughlin Jazz/Fusion guitar lesson employs alternate picking for solid rhythmic fluidity. I start on the down stroke with the guitar plectrum.

Alternate Picking Mclaughlin Lick in Parts.

The first part is built from simple Pentatonic cells.

John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick
John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick

The second part uses scale fragments 4ths, and Arpeggios

John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick

The last part Uses 4ths and a Pentatonic Shape

John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick

Full Score of Lick:

Alternate Picking John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick
Alternate Picking John Mclaughlin Guitar Lick

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Quick John Mclaughlin Acoustic guitar jazz/fusion Lick#3

John Mclaughlin jazz Fusion guitar lick alternate picking starting on a “Down stroke”.

Tab/Music Notation

Jazz fusion guitar lick of John Mclaughlin alternate picking acoustic guitar technique
John Mclaughlin jazz fusion acoustic guitar lick