Metrenome #2 Cutting the time in half for double timing



Metrenome Video

140 Bpm: Four 16th notes on each quarter beat

16 notes on metronome

70 Bpm: Eight 32nd notes per quarter note beat

32nd notes on metronome

8th notes firmly in time with the metronome

Guitar Picking 8th notes

16th notes firmly in time with the metronome

Guitar alternate picking 16th notes

Connecting 16 notes at 140 bpm. [32nd notes at 70 Bpm]

Metrenome Practice lick


Metrenome Practice Lick

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Metronome BASIC ideas #1

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The keys to start metronome practice on the first basic level.

1] Hear the first Beat of the bar

2] Hear the group of 4 notes [Tetrachords]

Western Classical tradition



Konokol Counting 16th notes

Hear the difference between 8th notes and double timed 16th notes

8th Notes [Quavers]

16th Notes [Semiquavers] Same exercise but twice as fast [Double Timed]

Exercise to “Connect” 4 note [Tetrachord] Motifs. Hear the connection “On” the beat as you go from the first to the second bar.

16th note double timing metronome tetrachord connecting motifs exercise

How rhythms work against the metronome pulse.

Basic metronome Rhythmic groupings for understanding time development

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