Alternate Picking Sextuplets Guitar Exercise

Guitar Trio Concepts:

Guitar Trio alternate picking guitar lesson
Al di Meola John Mclaughlin Paco De lucia Guitar Trio

Sextuplets alternate picking guitar technique:

The point of this exercise is to understand that the last note plucked in each group of sextuplets is on an “Up” stroke, so it is “Up skip over pluck down” for the next group of 6 notes.

Alternate picking Guitar Technique

Exercise: For alternate picking sextuplets technique in one position.

Alternate picking Guitar Technique sextuplets lesson

Extended sextuplet alternate picking guitar technique exercise for “Coming up on the upstroke”

alternate picking guitar exercise sextuplets 6's

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John Mclauhglin Shakti Indian Raga lesson “How to” do it!

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This little exercise works on the development of another basic guitar fingering idea. This fingering [as you will find out when playing through the notation/tab] lends itself well to the rhythmic development of John Mclaughlin’s alternate picking guitar technique. This in turn makes Indian Raga style of music very playable and gives way to creating your own raga’s!

John Mclaughlin SHAKTI Indian Raga Guitar EXERCISE/FINGERING LESSON Music and Tab


As always keep the alternate picking rhythmical and count in groups of four 16th notes called “Tetrachords”. Or, count in the Indian   Konokol rhythm system “Ta Ka Di Me”. Accent the first beat of each 4 note grouping with the guitar pick. Alternate picking will then give a fluid consistency  to this raga phrase/lick. Thanks for watching and please Subscribe to our youtube channel CLICK FOR YOUTUBE